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Shayna + Tyler | Videographer Phoenix

Shayna + Tyler | Videographer Phoenix


A Wedding Film is FIRST thing cut from the wedding budget yet the #1 REGRET a couple has after a wedding if they decided not to get one. The very thought of a couple not having a wedding film documenting their wedding day makes me beyond sad. So many moments and memories lost… So here is my pitch… Take what you like and leave the rest.

1. Who is at your wedding sadly may not be here 10 years from now. Over my 9 years in business I have had 7 couples lose someone unexpectedly after the wedding. Many of those couples that was the last time they ever saw that person and heard their voice was on their wedding day. Can you even imagine not hearing your mom’s words to you as she zipped you into your dress? Or your dad’s toast to you on your wedding day? Or what your groom says to you the moment he first sees you in your dress. Lost, lost and lost if you opt out of a wedding film. I hate to be morbid but it is a truth. Document the say… No matter the curve balls life throws us you will be so glad to have a video record of those who were with you that day.

Kristen + Kent | Videographer Phoenix

Kristen + Kent | Videographer Phoenix

2. Of course you are going to have a Photographer on your wedding day. But Photos and a Wedding Film go hand and hand. A Photographer will give you snapshots of moments. We will give you the sound and motion from those moments. Together we are your memory team giving you multiple facets and angles of the day. I have NEVER had a couple say to me that they had too many memories of their wedding day… As soon as people find out what I do for a living inevitably the ones who didn’t have a cinematographer at their wedding ALWAYS say to me “That was our biggest regret.. I so wish we had a wedding film. We decided against it and I wish we hadn’t”. I have NEVER had someone say to me “I wish we didn’t invest in a wedding film” even if it wasn’t a great film they are still glad they have it.
3. The day goes sooooooo fast. The morning after your wedding you will discuss with your spouse how amazing it was and you will both agree that it went by lightening fast. And if you decided to invest in a wedding film you will have a sense of peace in knowing that you have that memory forever but also that you will soon get to re-live that day when the film is finished. We will show you in your film parts of the day that you never knew existed. You will get to see your day from a completely different angle. You will get to re-live it like it is brand new again and that is priceless.

Alexis + Dylan | Videographer Phoenix

Alexis + Dylan | Videographer Phoenix

4. You will want this memory if you decide to have a family. While it may not be on the radar now having a family might be in the picture one day and you will regret deeply not being able to share the day of your wedding with your future children. They will want to see what life was like before they came along.
5.  In this day and age with all of the technology it just makes sense. Wedding films can now be easily shared with family and friends. You want those that attended and those that couldn’t to be able to share in the memories. Wedding films are nothing like they used to be. They are high quality productions now. They are a customized story of your wedding day and they are fabulous and a MUST HAVE in your wedding budget.

Videographer Phoenix

Navy and Blush Wedding JW Marriott Camelback Inn | Videographer Phoenix

Navy and Blush Wedding JW Marriott Camelback Inn | Videographer Phoenix

Blair and Timothy first met when they both worked at J Crew together. It wasn’t until later on, when they both had new jobs that they started dating.

Last August, Tim and Blair took a trip to Phoenix to visit some of Tim’s family. Blair’s parents (Don and Jennifer) joined them on the trip. They wanted to meet Tim and they have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, so it was the perfect time.

The first day of their trip went well and they ended the night Being exhausted. Most of that can be attributed to Tim’s outgoing and talkative personality that especially comes out when he is nervous. Poor Tim was so nervous because he was going to ask permission to marry Blair.

The next day, Blair and her mom went to get their nails done and Tim and Blair’s dad went to play golf. Tim was going to ask Don if he could marry his daughter. Tim was so nervous, he played the worst game of his life. Unfortunately, they played with two other gentlemen and there was not really a chance for him to ask for Blair’s hand. They went back to the hotel and just as Tim was building up the courage to ask, Blair called to let him know she and Mom were ready to be picked up. She had ruined Tim’s moment.

That night they all had dinner at Tim’s grandparents’ house. Tim went to pick up Blair’s parents from the hotel and in the car finally got his chance to ask permission to propose to Blair. Thankfully they said yes!

Here comes the best part. The following morning, they all went to the Grand Canyon. Just as Tim got down on one knee and he opened the ring box, the ring came flying out of the box and bounced toward the edge of the Grand Canyon. Tim’s heart practically stopped. Luckily, Tim reached out and about 6 inches from the edge of the canyon, stopped the ring from falling. Tim quickly put the ring back in the box and tapped Blair on the shoulder. He very quickly asked “Will you marry me?” For a man known for talking, this was one time he was short on words. Blair immediately said yes.

That whole day, Tim ran around telling everyone he could that Blair had said yes to him. Most people at the Grand Canyon were tourists, many from abroad, and spoke little to no English, so merely smiled at him as if he was a crazy man. Finally, Tim found a family that spoke English and the woman brought her whole family over to meet the happy couple. There were champagne toasts at lunch, lots of phone calls and texts to tell family and friends, and a wonderful day that neither Tim nor Blair will forget.

Wedding Coordinator: Some Like it Classic

Photographer: Jenn Wagner Photography

Entertainment: Got You Covered Music

Florist: Jan Dekker

Invitations: Celebrations in Paper

Videographer Phoenix

Enchanting Wedding Rancho Los Lagos | Videographer Phoenix

Enchanting Wedding Rancho Los Lagos | Videographer Phoenix


While Eric and Megan lived only a few blocks from one another in San Francisco, it took joining a popular dating app to get the two of them together.
For their first date, Eric recommended an amazing wine bar in North Beach called Dell’Uva, not having the slightest idea that the location was about 50 feet from Megan’s front door. Of course, she appreciated the convenience of all of this, and was smitten with the adorable guy who was waiting there to meet her.

Once they were dating, luck would have it that they started bumping into one another all the time They still can’t believe that they hadn’t met before, especially since Megan walked past Eric’s apartment twice a day on her way to and from work!

Hiking in Sedona led to the very sweet proposal. Since Sedona is such a beautiful setting, and they the outdoors they knew it would be the perfect location to get married.

This wedding was one of a kind. Cocktail hour had a lounge area and a corn hole set, so that guests could truly enjoy themselves. We also loved the unique guest book they had! Its not too often you have your guests sign a snowboard! Meanwhile the reception looked straight out of a fairytale. With beautiful twinkle lights strung across the candlelight tables, and bonfires to keep you warm. You would never want the night to end.

Wedding Planner: Heart of Sedona Planner
Photographer: Sedona Bride
Caterer: Sedona Rouge
Entertainment: Sedona Sounds
Florist: Showstoppers
Venue: Rancho Los Lagos

Videographer Phoenix

Magical Wedding at The Arizona Biltmore | Videographer Phoenix

Magical Wedding at The Arizona Biltmore | Videographer Phoenix


The story of the proposal is different depending on who you ask from this beautiful couple.

According to Kim:
The couple went to New England in July for a friend’s wedding. They decided to make a big trip of it because Rob had never been (it’s where Kim is from).

On July 25th, they went to Seabrook, NH. It’s the beach town that Kim grew up going to every single summer. It’s also a private beach so Rob couldn’t find any parking. He was insisting that they illegally park and leave the car on the side of the road. Kim refused out of fear of getting a ticket, or even worse towed! Finally, Rob stopped in front of a house that looked empty and insisted on getting out. Kim was so mad. When they walked down to the beach there were people EVERYWHERE. Rob then fumbled around in the camera bag before pulling out the ring box. He got down on one knee and asked Kim to marry him! She was so shocked she said, “Are you serious?” several times before saying yes.

According to Rob:
Rob grew up always going to the beach with his grandparents during the summer, just as Kim did.  He knew that we would be driving by the beach town she remembers as a child, Seabrook, NH. So he told her he wanted to stop and see ‘her’ beach!

Well, Rob didn’t know that this town did not have any public parking for beach access. So he lets just park for a minute and run down to the sand just to see it. Kim was not having it. She was worried the rental car with all of their stuff would get towed.

While Rob tried to get Kim down to the beach, the entire time he was thinking “Are you kidding me?! Just do what I ask for one second! If I have to, I will ask you to marry me from the beach on my cell phone! This was going to happen here!!!!”

Finally, Rob just pulled over in front of a seemingly empty house and said they were getting out of the car. Kim was not happy, but did agree, just for a minute

Rob fumbled with the camera bag, and got the ring out. Meanwhile Kim is looking confused Rob drops to one knee, in front of a city of people enjoying the ocean.

Wedding Coordinator: Meant2Be Events
Photographer: Ivy Studios
Venue: Arizona Biltmore 
Entertainment: Complete Music 
Florist: Table Tops Etc. 
Invitations: Be In Love Designs 

Videographer Phoenix

Cynthia + Nick Garden Wedding The Venue at the Grove - Videographer Phoenix

Garden Wedding The Venue at the Grove | Videographer Phoenix


This adorable couple Nick and Cynthia, met about 10 years ago in the High school marching band! Nick played snare on the drum-line and Cynthia was in color guard. They dated briefly back then but it just wasn’t the right timing. In February of 2013 they reconnected and have been inseparable ever since!

Cynthia had booked a trip to Northern California to visit Nick’s older brother and the vacation was actually a birthday surprise for Nick! She had bought the plane tickets and arranged the visit months before, and then surprised Nick at work a couple days before his birthday and took him straight to the airport!

On the day of the proposal, they planned on going to San Francisco to sight-see. The happy couple walked along the beach and wanted to get close to the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo. In typical San Fran like fashion, it was cold, windy and foggy. They walked as much as possible, so they could try and get a good view.  They got about as close as they could, and just as they were about to take a photo Nick got down on one knee!
We love the details that went into this wedding, from the gorgeous flower head wreath that Cynthia wore, to the perfect signs that led you down the aisle.

Team of Wedding Pro’s

Venue: Venue at the Grove
Photographer: Jessica Q Photography
Caterer: Ensemble Catering
Entertainment: Infinity EntertainmentSnapbooth & Sarah Vanell
Florist: Prim Rentals & Floral
Invitations: Minted

Videographer Phoenix

New Years Eve Wedding at Montelucia

Metallic New Years Eve Wedding At Montelucia | Videographer Phoenix

Jessica and Travis wanted an epic wedding so what better night to have your wedding than on the biggest party night of the year??? New Years Eve!!! They chose the gorgeous Montelucia for their wedding celebration. The vision behind the day was all that glitters. Jessica opted for glitz, glamour and sparkle throughout her event. For her Ceremony she chose ghost chairs with life size letters that spelled out love as her backdrop. They also had a personalized aisle runner with their names and wedding date. It was all very dramatic and romantic with the dim lighting and candlelight. They chose for the entire event to be held in the Castillo Lucerno so what that means is that the space had to be flipped during the cocktail hour to accommodate the reception which is no small task. Jessica and Travis exited their Ceremony through a tunnel of sparklers to head of to take photos and enjoy some cocktails. During the photo session Jessica had gotten these giant balloons to take photos with and they were just adorable. They headed back into the Castilo for their reception and to dance the night away and ring in the New Year. For decor for the reception Jessica went with white floral and sparkle linens with silver touches for her reception. No detail was undone from the ghost chairs to the chargers to the centerpieces to the acrylic initials to the crystal candelabras. It was all too die for and every brides dream wedding. To celebrate the stroke of midnight and the New Year they blew off confetti canons. It was definitely a night to remember!! One amazing thing about their wedding date??? They will NEVER forget their anniversary!!!

Team Of Wedding Pros

Venue: Montelucia

Event Planner: Simply Modern Events

Photographer: About Love Studio

DJ: Got You Covered

Florist: Flowers By Jodi

Invitations: Celebrations In Paper

Videographer Phoenix

The Omni Montelucia Resort is one of the most beautiful properties to get married at in town. So many options for your Ceremony with all of them having a back drop of Camelback Mountain. Videographer Phoenix.

Montelucia Wedding

Montelucia Valencia Lawn

The Wedding 

Alex and Ryan chose the Valencia Lawn as their Ceremony site.The Valencia Lawn offers a beautiful wooden arbor that has become overgrown with greenery and its so natural and pretty. Behind that arbor is a picturesque view of Camelback Mountain. The arbor was the perfect match for her neutral color palette. Her bridesmaids wore neutral floor length gowns that complemented the gentleman’s grey suits. Ryan wore suspenders and a bow tie making him look so dapper and formal. At the beginning of the aisle she had giant wine barrels with floral on top of them. Her bridesmaids carried baby’s breath bouquets that added to the whole vintage chic feel to the wedding. Alex was in a lace halter bridal gown and as she made her way to Ryan she walked towards him down an hombre petal carpet of pink petals. Super gorgeous!! They chose to do a wine box instead of a unity candle during their Ceremony and I love that idea. It gives them something to cherish and look forward to opening as they celebrate their years of marriage. They also opted to have each of their guests sign a puzzle piece instead of a guest book. The sign read “Without you our puzzle isn’t complete. Please sign a piece.” I love this unique and personal touch that replaced the guest book.

Montelucia Wedding Video 

Team Of Wedding Pros

Venue: Montelucia

Event Planner: A Day To Cherish Wedding

Photography: Jeff + Amber Photography

Florist: Butterfly Petals

DJ: Desert House Productions

Invitations: Definitely Debra


Most couples have never hired Wedding Videographer before so they have no idea what to look for or what questions to ask. Here is a guide on how to select the right Wedding Videographer for you as a couple.

Style… The first think you need to identify with is the style of the Wedding Videographer. Take a look at their website samples and review their blog. Ask to see films from the venue that you are getting married at. Don’t bypass that videographer if they haven’t filmed at your venue though. That is often times a good thing because they see it as a blank canvas and it actually stimulates creativity to be able to film at a new location. If you are finding yourself sending who you want to hire samples of other videographers work then hire the videographer that you are sending samples of… If you are asking to change that videographers style then they aren’t the videographer for you.
Experience… It is really important to look at the experience of the company you are hiring. How many years have they been in business? Have many wedding seasons have they gone through. Do they specialize in weddings or all video production? You want to work with a company who specializes in wedding films. Weddings are a very different animal than commercial video production because they are live events. We get one chance to get the shot so live event experience is a must.
Videographers… Who will be filming your wedding? Do they have a staff of videographers that are trained to film weddings or do they just hire freelancers to shoot the weddings booked. Be very aware of this. Freelancers can operate cameras just fine but they may not be trained in filming weddings. Weddings are live events and require a specific level of expertise. It is important that your team of videographers is in sync that day and has experience with one another and is not just randoms hired to film your event.
A One Camera Package Is Never A Good Thing… The offering of Packages with one camera and one videographer is NEVER a good thing. Do not purchase this despite the temptation of the low price. It is very dangerous for your wedding film for so many reasons and you truly are selling you and your wedding film short.
What if something happens to the one camera they are filming on. Then what… All filming stops while they figure out a solution?
What if something happens to the one card they are recording on. If your wedding is filmed with one camera and one data card and the card fails… Then what? Your whole day that was recorded is lost?
So much is missed when filmed by one person because they can’t be in 2 places at once.
You only get one angle of everything.
Service… Who will you be working with throughout the process? Are you working with a sales person who just sells you on the service and passes you off? Will you be working with the owner or have access to the owner should the sales person leave? Your wedding film is a very important investment. Who is servicing you and how they are servicing you is of utmost priority.
Investment… You truly get what you pay for with wedding videography. There are a lot of low cost providers flooding the marketplace with some very cheap packages. A quality wedding film is definitely something worth investing in. If a company is significantly less than others in the marketplace there is a reason why. You need to look long and hard at their product and what your experience will be like with them. Quality wedding videography is not cheap and owning a wedding videography company is not cheap. There is a reason the pricing is the way it is for a legitimate company that may cost more. You may need to be concerned about the low cost providers ability to still be in business by the time your wedding comes if the price point is so low.
Watch Out For Fluff… You need to look at the meat and potatoes of the Collection or Package you are purchasing. There are things that videographers offer to make a Collection or Package look like you are getting so much that is truly of no value. For example the Raw Footage… Everything that is usable is going to be in your film or films. Everything else is what was on the cutting room floor. When you get the Raw Footage there isn’t a mountain of memories that was missed because if it was good it would have made it into the film. So pretty much is all of the stuff that didn’t make the film is generally the practice shots and out of focus stuff. See… No value… Plus are you ever going to really look at hours of footage? What would you do with it? What matters most are the deliverables and these are what you need to be asking for:
How many hours of videography are you getting?
How long is the Feature Film?
Are you getting a Wedding Movie Trailer?
How many Videographers will be at your wedding?
How many cameras will they be filming with?
Delivery… How the company delivers a finished wedding film is important. Are they delivering on old outdated technology like DVD’s and Blu Ray’s. Those are both dying technologies that in a few years won’t be around. Asking for a DVD is like asking for music on a cassette tape or CD. Everything is going towards streaming, downloadable films or URL based delivery methods. These are how you should be delivered your film at this point.
Videographer Phoenix, Serendipity Cinematography is a Arizona and California based wedding videographer focused on hand crafted wedding films.

Videographer Phoenix, Simply Cinema, specialize in simplified wedding cinematography for the budget minded couple in Arizona and California.

Royal Palms wedding in the Alegria garden is absolutely dreamy. The rain kept this couple out of the Alegria Garden for their nuptials but they didn’t let that ruin their wedding day.

The Wedding

It was time for Plan B. Plan B was so gorgeous though that you never would have known that it wasn’t Plan A!! They wed under a covered patio overlooking a reflection pond. The Ceremony had candelabras and a wooden cross adorned in greenery and ivory floral. Their reception was draped with deep, rich, shades of merlot and more candles that created a romantic ambience for an incredible celebration of their commitment to one another. From the gold Chavari chairs to what looked like hand drawn floral escort cards to a gorgeous 3 tiered cake decorated with the same merlot floral motif that carried throughout the event there was no detail that wasn’t carefully planned or designed by this discerning bride and it was all perfection.

Royal Palms Wedding

The Bride and Groom

The bride to be wore a lace gown that had intricate beading and sleeves. While conservative in nature it was eye catching and stunned. Her accessories and floral hair piece along with her veil was the perfect complement to this stunning gown. The groom wore a classic black tux and bow tie. As she made her way down the aisle to her groom he wiped a tear from his eye. So moved my his gorgeous bride to be.

Royal Palms Wedding Video

Team Of Wedding Pros

This team was awesome.  They all did such a great job with the weather hiccup and the bride and grooms wedding was a successful, loving day!

Venue: The Royal Palms
Event Planner: Meant 2 Be Events
Photographer: Ben & Kelly Photography
Florist: Kate Ryan Design
DJ: Valley Mix DJ
Invitations: Be In Love Designs

Burgundy, Gold, and Orange… There couldn’t be a more perfect color palette for a Fall Wedding at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch. The gold pumpkins are an adorable detail to compliment their Fall theme. Jean and Jordan came all the way from Atlanta to enjoy our sunny skies for their wedding day and they got a gorgeous day to say “I Do”

Team Of Wedding Pro’s

Venue: Hyatt Gainey Ranch

Event Planner: Meant 2 Be Events

Photographer: Ben & Kelly Photography

Entertainment: JJ’s Band

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