Dusty Rose, Navy & Gold Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

Dusty Rose, Navy & Gold Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

Dusty Rose, Navy & Gold Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

How They Met:

Jenna and Matt met at work. Matt was in his mid 20’s, single, and career focused. One day, the company plopped down a young female intern at his desk from Arizona State. Being from Omaha and an alum of ASU, Matt’s company thought he would be a good person to show her the ropes. Turns out they were right….a little too right.

The two started hanging out toward the end of the summer of Jenna’s intern year, and pretty quickly, it was time for her to head back to ASU. They stayed in touch and even visited each other a few times, but ultimately lost touch due to being at different places in their lives.

Jenna heard so many good things about the Omaha winters that she decided to come move to Nebraska and work full time at the same place. The two have been dating pretty much ever since.

The Proposal:

Matt was pretty convinced about their relationship for a while, he just needed to get the ring. He got the ring in September, but waited until Thanksgiving to pop the question so ensure family and friends were around to celebrate the news.

The dilemma for Matt when it came to pop the question was on how to fit this ridiculously sized ring box in his jeans pants. Matt may or may not be known for wearing slim fit (or as some say very tight) jeans.

He came up with idea to stuff the box into his cowboy boots. These are the same cowboy boots that Jenna despises with a passion, and makes it known every time he wears them. For a visual, the boots are pretty awesome and have American flags on them and everything.

Jenna and Matt decided to hop on ASU’s campus to get some new ASU swag for the football game the next day. They walked around for a little while and finally, while they were in front of a historical building on campus, Matt told her to stop for a minute because he thought he had a rock in his boot – which actually pissed her off even more (#1 he was wearing the boots and now #2 they are slowing them down).

The rock Matt pulled out was not the rock she expected, and after a few seconds of shock, she agreed that it would be in Matt’s best interests if he married her.

Venue: The Croft Downtown
Photographer: Vienna Glenn
Caterer: Tom and Lin Catering
Entertainment: The Lucky Devils Band
Florist: Angelic Grove