Navy and Blush Wedding JW Marriott Camelback Inn | Videographer Phoenix

Navy and Blush Wedding JW Marriott Camelback Inn | Videographer Phoenix

Navy and Blush Wedding JW Marriott Camelback Inn | Videographer Phoenix

Blair and Timothy first met when they both worked at J Crew together. It wasn’t until later on, when they both had new jobs that they started dating.

Last August, Tim and Blair took a trip to Phoenix to visit some of Tim’s family. Blair’s parents (Don and Jennifer) joined them on the trip. They wanted to meet Tim and they have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, so it was the perfect time.

The first day of their trip went well and they ended the night Being exhausted. Most of that can be attributed to Tim’s outgoing and talkative personality that especially comes out when he is nervous. Poor Tim was so nervous because he was going to ask permission to marry Blair.

The next day, Blair and her mom went to get their nails done and Tim and Blair’s dad went to play golf. Tim was going to ask Don if he could marry his daughter. Tim was so nervous, he played the worst game of his life. Unfortunately, they played with two other gentlemen and there was not really a chance for him to ask for Blair’s hand. They went back to the hotel and just as Tim was building up the courage to ask, Blair called to let him know she and Mom were ready to be picked up. She had ruined Tim’s moment.

That night they all had dinner at Tim’s grandparents’ house. Tim went to pick up Blair’s parents from the hotel and in the car finally got his chance to ask permission to propose to Blair. Thankfully they said yes!

Here comes the best part. The following morning, they all went to the Grand Canyon. Just as Tim got down on one knee and he opened the ring box, the ring came flying out of the box and bounced toward the edge of the Grand Canyon. Tim’s heart practically stopped. Luckily, Tim reached out and about 6 inches from the edge of the canyon, stopped the ring from falling. Tim quickly put the ring back in the box and tapped Blair on the shoulder. He very quickly asked “Will you marry me?” For a man known for talking, this was one time he was short on words. Blair immediately said yes.

That whole day, Tim ran around telling everyone he could that Blair had said yes to him. Most people at the Grand Canyon were tourists, many from abroad, and spoke little to no English, so merely smiled at him as if he was a crazy man. Finally, Tim found a family that spoke English and the woman brought her whole family over to meet the happy couple. There were champagne toasts at lunch, lots of phone calls and texts to tell family and friends, and a wonderful day that neither Tim nor Blair will forget.

Wedding Coordinator: Some Like it Classic

Photographer: Jenn Wagner Photography

Entertainment: Got You Covered Music

Florist: Jan Dekker

Invitations: Celebrations in Paper

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