NYE Sanctuary Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

NYE Sanctuary Wedding | Videographer Phoenix

NYE Sanctuary Wedding | Videographer Phoenix


How They Met:

Samantha and Kyle met through mutual friends a few years after college. When Samantha first met Kyle, she thought he was cute, but his confident attitude was not appealing to her. It was only at a friend’s pool party a few months later that she got to know him better and instantly developed a secret crush on him. Kyle doesn’t take hints very well, so Samantha basically had to shake him and say, “I like you!” Once he realized that she was being serious, he grabbed her and kissed her and they have been together ever since. They just celebrated their 6-year dating anniversary in July.

The Proposal:

It was Thanksgiving Day, last year. They had agreed to split the day with both families, visiting Kyle’s family for the first half and Samantha’s for the second. Thanksgiving has always been a big deal at Samantha’s house – they have about 30 people over every year and look forward to it year-round. Kyle’s family doesn’t make such a big deal about it, so Samantha, of course, wanted to spend most the day with her family.

She ended up getting ready at her parents’ house that day since she had come over early to help cook. Samantha was anxiously awaiting Kyle to come pick her so that they could go to his family and then hurry back to hers.

Of course, Kyle was running late, and this didn’t make Samantha very happy. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and a black limo was sitting in the driveway.  She knew right then what was about to happen. The limo pulled up to a park that she had never been to before. She sees Kyle standing under a tree by a pond, wearing a suit and holding an umbrella (it was pouring rain).

Kyle explained to her that he brought Samantha to this park because this is where his dad proposed to his mom 30 years earlier. Kyle’s mom passed away when he was 9 years old, so it was very emotional for both when he told me where we were standing. He got down on one knee and revealed the most beautiful ring she has ever seen. She, of course, said YES (through many tears), and then he told her that he had one more surprise – a videographer had been hiding behind a tree the whole time, and he captured the entire proposal.

Wedding Coordinator: Meant 2 Be Events
Venue: The Sanctuary
Entertainment: The Instant Classics
Florist: The Flower Studio


Videographer Phoenix


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