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Michelle and Matthew’s romantic Royal Palms wedding is one to remember. A beautiful neutral color palette, two dresses from our beautiful bride, and the kindest words from friends and family during toasts. We loved working alongside Andrea Leslie Weddings and Melissa Jill capturing their special day.

How They Met:

Michelle and Matthew met in law school! They didn’t really know each other during their first semester, but at a “bar review” during their second semester Michelle went up to him and asked why they never talk at school. They hit it off and have been together ever since!

The Proposal:

The two went to Sedona for Matthew’s birthday. They spent the day mountain biking, then kayaking around a winery. They headed back to their hotel and sat by Oak Creek with wine. Michelle looks over to her side and Matt is on one knee proposing to her. Right after they saw a water beaver swimming around, and for some reason that was the coolest thing Michelle says!

The Wedding:

The Royal Palms set the perfect backdrop for Michelle and Matthew’s wedding day. With the team of Andrea Leslie Weddings their dream day came to life. A beautiful white color palette, lush florals by Wildflower AZ, tons of greenery, and candle light made for an unforgettable day. The two celebrated with their friends and family by dancing the night away! It was the most perfect day.

Venue: The Royal Palms
Planner: Andrea Leslie Weddings
Photographer: Melissa Jill
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Florist: The Wildflower AZ
Stationary: Unika Collections
Entertainment: JH Soundscapes

Ashley and Matt’s wedding day at El Chorro was a classic and trendy affair. Ashley looked incredible in her wedding dress, and Matt looked dapper in his classic black tux. Revel Wedding Co did an amazing job pulling all their design elements together to create an amazing event that wowed Ashley, Matt, and all their guests.

How They Met:

Ashley and Matt met at a local bar and restaurant called OB Clark’s. Matt came up to Ashley and complimented her on her “white boots”. Matt actually knew they were Sam Edelman because he’s in the shoe business! Right after Ashley left the bar Matt found her on Facebook. Ashley said it took Matt a couples of months, but he finally messaged her on Facebook and asked her out.

The Proposal:

Matt took Ashley to a local hotel called, The Last Hotel. They went up to the rooftop to have drinks, when they got there, there was a little area set with flowers, candles, and a photographer waiting for them. Matt got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. Two of Ashley’s girlfriends were hiding in the stairwell. After the proposal they went home to a surprise engagement party!

The Wedding:

Ashley and Matt’s wedding day was one to remember. Full of love, laughs, and their closest friends and family. Their natural and blush color palette was chic and trendy. They said “I do” in front of a lush and stunning circle floral arch. The two shared a sweet and intimate first look, and Matt got extremely emotional as Ashley walked down the aisle to him along with her father and mother. Their al fresco dinner was absolutely stunning. Gold lanterns, the most incredible menus, and lots of florals to dress the space. It was a night to remember. Thank you for allowing us to be there to capture your special day!

Venue: El Chorro
Planner: Sam with Revel Wedding Co.
Photographer: 7 Sisters Photography
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Florist: Carte Blanche

Carson and Garrett committed their lives to one another in front of their closest friends and family at El Chorro in Scottsdale, Arizona. These two share a special kind of love that is such a joy to witness and capture. We couldn’t help but smile all day.

How They Met:

Carson and Garrett met in High School!

The Proposal:

Carson and Garrett went out to dinner this evening and then we went out. That is when Garrett decided to pop the question and proposed after dinner. Carson was so excited and it was just the two of them there for that special moment. Carson obviously wanted to call her parents immediately and tell them all about it, she was bursting at the seems with excitement.

But, Garrett convinced her to just wait until they got home and not do it in the car ride. Little did she know that Garett flew in both of their families and about 30 of their closest friends and they were all waiting at their home for them to celebrate. When they arrived home Carson walked into their home and was shocked and so surprised to see everyone she loves in one room. Carson describes it as “an amazing day”! 

The Wedding:

Carson and Garrett’s wedding day had God and love at the center. Their vows were shared with so much love and intention, it was such a pleasure to be a witness and capture their special day. Cara with a A Day to Cherish blew the design out of the water! Everything came together so beautifully from the lush white ceremony floral arrangements curated by Lux Florist to the candlelit al fresco dinner. Beauty surrounded Carson and Garret on their most special day. Thank you for allowing us to be there to capture it!

Venue: El Chorro
Planner: A Day to Cherish
Photographer: Jaimee Morse
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Florist: Lux Florist
Entertainment: New Soul Brigade with Green Light Booking
Stationary: Carson Kowar Design

Alexis and Jake got married on 12/12 at Desert Foothills in Scottsdale, Arizona. You cannot beat the stunning desert views at this venue! KDP Events did an amazing job making Alexis and Jake’s dream classic wedding come to life. White florals, black bridesmaid dresses, and twinkle lights made for the most magical day for this sweet couple.

How They Met:

Jake and Alexis both attended the University of Arizona where they first met one another.

The Proposal:

Jake planned a surprise proposal for Alexis at their house. After the proposal they went out for dinner to celebrate. Jake again surprised Alexis and had 30 of their closest friends and family members there to celebrate with them!

The Wedding:

A destination wedding in the desert. Alexis and Jake said “I do” in front of dozens of cactus with their closest friends and family in attendance for their fall wedding. A classic affair with white florals, black bridesmaid dresses, and twinkle lights to top off the reception.

Alexis rocked a stunning lace long sleeve dress and looked absolutely stunning on her special day. Jake looked rad in his black tux and smile that couldn’t be wiped off his face all day while he was around Alexis. The love these two share is precious and darling. We loved being a part of their special day.

Wedding Dress
First Look
Bridal Party
Ceremony Details
Bride and Groom Portrait
Wedding Cake
reception details

Venue: Desert Foothills Event Center
Wedding Planner: Karen with KDP Events
Photographer: Alyssa Campbell Photography
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Caterer: Creative Hands Cuisine
Entertainment: Downtown Browne Productions
Florist: The Wildflower AZ

Shelby & Austin tied the knot at their destination wedding at The Royal Palms in Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re the perfect match. Shelby is sweet, stunning, and loves big. Austin is caring, handsome, and loves with his whole heart. The love these two share with one another is something so special. Andrea Leslie Weddings never disappoints with planning, designing, and executing their weddings and this one was no exception.

How They Met:

Austin and Shelby met in the summer of 2012 when Shelby attended Austin’s college graduation party with a friend. She had no idea who he was and was just tagging along. The same winter they both attended a variety show and reconnected which in turn got them little closer to each other.

Over the years the two remained connected through social media. At that point in their relationship they called one another acquaintances as their lives took them different places with different people over the years.

In the spring of 2019 Austin and Shelby both ended up back in their hometowns, newly single, and reconnected once more. That is when they went on their first date and were inseparable from then after. Within 1 week they had made it “Facebook official”, in under 1 month they were living together, 3 months in they added a fur baby to their lives, and in 6 months Austin and Shelby were engaged! 

The Proposal:

Austin and Shelby took, what she thought was just going to be a weekend trip, to Chicago before she was going to get really busy at work. The two love going to the city as often as they can. Austin had made a big deal though when they were planning the trip that he wanted to do things they had never done before. When they took their trip to the city they normally just hit up all their favorite local places. Austin told Shelby he booked a helicopter tour of the city for the two of them for this trip.

Austin and Shelby got to the helicopter pad, checked in, and waited for our flight. While we were waiting for our flight we took some photos and watched instructional videos. The photographer who took photos of the two of them was actually a photographer Austin hired to capture their proposal, but Shelby still didn’t know this!

While the two were in the air they heard the helicopter company say over their headsets to the captain and them that our photos didn’t turn out and they wanted them to line back up once they landed. Shelby rambled on about how her hair was probably in her face due to all of the wind, still having no idea what was going on.

Shelby and Austin land back on the pad, after a really beautiful ride, and of course that is when Austin got down on one knee and proposed to Shelby! She was in complete shock and literally had no idea! After the proposal Austin had then arranged for them to take some engagement photos with the photographer he had hired. They spent the rest of that night bar hopping in the city, just the two of them, acting like they were the only two people in the world. Shelby tells us it was the best proposal ever!

The Wedding:

Wow, just wow! We are slightly at a loss for words over Shelby and Austin’s wedding. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Shelby’s dress, or should I say dresses? I mean come on, is she not just the most stunning bride you have ever seen!? Austin also looked so good in his white tux! We knew as soon as we arrived we were in for a rad day with this awesome couple.

Shelby and Austin’s intimate Royal Palms wedding was truly to die for. We absolutely loved their ceremony. They had everyone in tears by the end of their vows to one another. Then their reception in the orange grove filled with hundreds of candles, greenery, and touches of pink was the cherry on top. The girls rocked black bridesmaids dresses with the white bouquets while the guys were suited in all black. Their whole day was just stunning.

The two ended the evening with a grand entrance like no other, an outfit change from Shelby, and en epic dance party. We love you two and wish you all the love in the world!

Royal Palms Wedding
Bride and Groom
Reception Details

Venue: The Royal Palms Resort and Spa
Wedding Planner: Katie with Andrea Leslie Weddings
Photographer: Brenna Lee Photography
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Florist: Mint Green Design
Entertainment: Got You Covered
Invitations: Minted

Mallory and Austin’s spring wedding at Paradise Valley Country Club was a classy affair. With the team at Outstanding Occasions planning and designing your wedding day, you’re sure to have an impeccable day. No detail was left untouched by the ladies at Outstanding Occasions and Sarah’s Garden and the views on property are breathtaking.

How They Met:

Austin and Mallory met at work two years before they started dating. They instantly had a connection, because they were the only two people who went to SMU. Austin’s brown hair and blue eyes did not hurt either Mallory says. Over the years their friendship grew — from break room conversations and quick trips to Subway, to getting help choosing a car when Mallory had totaled hers.

Mallory’s coworker finally pointed out that they thought Austin had a crush on her, and she started noticing something – Every time Austin walked by her office, he would straighten up his posture and puff his chest out. She put in het two-week notice at this company, and Austin was the only one to come up and ask if there was a going away happy hour being planned. It was the day before her last day – and no one had planned anything. A few minutes later, he comes back over and asks her if she wanted to go to the Dallas Stars game with him. This was their first date!

Well, he forgot the small detail that technically she was the third wheel on this said date though, since Austin and his roommate Jason were season ticket holders.  

After that, the rest is history. Mallory says there wasn’t an extraordinary or monumental moment where they realized that this was ‘it’. It was a million little things. 

The Proposal:

Austin and Mallory were going to Arizona for Easter in 2019. She had a slight feeling that this was going to be the weekend, or it was going to be with their friends in Dallas the weekend after.

One night, they were in a group text with Austin, his mom, and Mallory. The next day, Mallory gets a text – and she only reads the first three sentences after realizing it wasn’t supposed to be sent to her. She reads, “Hola, what time are you planning on doing it next Saturday, Dad and I can leave LA at 6am and get there by …..”. At which time she screamed, threw her phone across the office floor and had multiple people come out of their offices wondering what was wrong! Mallory told them, she thinks she just accidentally found out that she is getting engaged next weekend. Mallory said, she’s not going to lie, she totally went and got her nails re-done, a spray tan, and some new clothes! She also never told Austin that she read this text, and played completely clueless. However, Austin must have suspected something because he did a great job at throwing her off.

Mallory’s mom and sister kept talking about the number of people dinner reservations were being made for, and were so relaxed. Mallory even text her coworkers that she didn’t think it was happening that weekend anymore. On Saturday night, they went over to Mallory’s sister’s house for cocktails – and to check out ‘the fence her brother in law just painted’. Mallory didn’t think anything of it – when they got there, her brother in law was the only one ‘ready’, and he offered them some drinks.

She was so excited to see his ‘hard work’ that she said no and busted right into the backyard where her life changed. Out there, she saw balloons set up, rose petals shaped in a heart, and a ring box on a table. Her dog, Tucker, ran up to her and had this big red bow on his collar with a dog tag that said “Will You Marry Me?”. She was in disbelief – they all pulled off a surprise engagement against all odds. Austin then walked her over to the heart, and in the middle of the petals – got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

OF COURSE SHE SAID YES!! Afterwards their families popped out of the back room, where they were hiding and watching and they all celebrated at dinner that night. The funniest part is that Tucker, who never sits still and is a very independent dog, managed to sit and lay down during this whole ordeal – which made the pictures even better and more special. They still have the bow and dog tag displayed in their house. So, although Mallory had a ‘clue’ – she didn’t expect this surprise of a lifetime, and seeing the love of her life on one knee that weekend. 

The Wedding:

Mallory and Austin’s wedding at Paradise Valley Country Club was magical, which is probably no surprise to you after reading their love story. It was destined to be. A black and white affair with touches of silver was the most classic color palette for a very classy couple.

Mallory’s wedding gown was form fitting with a statement should piece that we couldn’t get enough of, and neither could Austin. During their first look his eyes filled with love for his bride to be. The two of them share such a playful, and special love that was such an honor for us to capture.

Ceremony was set on the golf course, with views of Camelback Mountain. White florals and greenery dressed the space. Mallory and Austin said “I do” with 50 of their closest friends and family in attendance and shared the sweetest first kiss. Their reception design was amazing with metallic sequined linens, candles, and classic white floral arrangements for the perfect al fresco dinner. They ended the evening with a fun father-daughter dance, the sweetest toasts, and lots of love and fun moves on the dance floor.

Bride and Groom

Venue: Paradise Valley Country Club
Planning & Design: Rachelle with Outstanding Occasions
Florals: Sarah’s Garden
Stationary: The Paper Place
Photographer: Pinkerton Photo
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Entertainment: Desert House Productions

Jackie and Colby got married on a sunny spring day in Paradise Valley, Arizona at The Sanctuary Resort. Jackie looked amazing in her beaded wedding gown, while Colby looked super sharp in this navy blue tux. White florals with touches of blue accented the ceremony site and Jackie’s bouquet was simple, yet a statement piece. Your Jubilee did an incredible job pulling every detail together to make their day simply perfect. Ryann Nicole Photography was such a joy to capture their day alongside with.

The Wedding

Need some “something blue” inspiration? Jackie and Colby’s day was full of it! From Jackies bouquet, to the bridesmaid dresses, to every little detail at reception. Their blue and white classic inspired wedding was perfect!

Their invites set the tone for their desert wedding with watercolor cacti. Jackies bridesmaids were all in stunning strapless blue dresses and the boys brought in the navy with their classic tux. Jackie was simply stunning with her classic look of big Hollywood curls, a beaded gown, and simply stated veil.

The two did their first look on the steps at The Sanctuary which was so sweet. I loved how Jackie walked up to him as he turned around to see him beautiful bride. The beauty continued through couple portraits, bridal party, and then the details!

The ceremony took place on Sanctuary’s classic lawn overlooking a gorgeous Mountain View. White and blue florals decorated the space and all of their closest friends and family in attendance to witness their special day. Oh and don’t forget about their three adorable pups that crashed the party!

Move into reception and guests were welcomed by a stunning and statement piece escort display with their seating arrangements. Classic blue dinnerware, white farmhouse tables, a sweetheart couch, and watercolor cake were some of my favorite details of their reception. And we cant forget about the hanging floral install above their dance floor!

They ended the evening with dancing, cake, and an epic garter removal. Jackie and Colby’s wedding day was such a joy to capture!

Venue: The Sanctuary Resort
Planner: Your Jubilee
Photographer: Ryann Nicole Photography
Videographer: Simply Cinema

Shannon and Adam were married on a gorgeous March day at the Royal Palms in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their Royal Palms wedding was incredible and when working with Imoni Events you know it is going to be an absolutely stunning wedding. Every detail is throughly thought out and perfectly placed. Wildflower AZ curated the most magical floral arrangements from the greenery and floral bud ceremony arch, to the brides bouquet, and the beautiful reception arrangements perfectly placed between romantic candles that lit the dinner space in the ballroom. It was a perfect day we loved capturing alongside Ryann Lindsey Photography.

The Wedding:

Shannon and Adam’s Royal Palms wedding was pure romance. Shannon looked incredible in her delicate lace wedding dress and stunning hair and makeup by the talented ladies over at HVH Faces. Adam rocked his navy tux and blush pink tie. Then add in a retro red getaway car to the couple’s portrait session and we are obsessed!

Shannon and Adam were truly made for each other, they are true best friends and soulmates. There was not a dry eye in the crowd during their ceremony as they read their vows to one another and became husband and wife when they said “I do”.

Imoni Events did an amazing job planning and designing their romantic day. Every detail was planned out perfectly to compliment their wedding day vision. The blush and navy color palette that they had is such a classic look.

Wildflower AZ outdid themselves on their gorgeous floral design throughout every aspect of the day. I was obsessed with Shannons delicate and romantic bouquet. It complemented her look perfectly. The arrangements in their ballroom were placed perfectly between tons of romantic burning candles that made for an unforgettable reception evening for their guests to enjoy the night.

The dance floor was packed all evening long with guests dancing and everyone had a drink in their hand. They danced the night away and ended the evening with an epic sparkler exit and an appearance from that rad retro red car again! It was a perfect ending to their perfect day!

Venue: Royal Palms
Planning & Design: Regan with Imoni Events
Photographer: Ryann Lindsey Photography
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Florist: The Wildflower AZ
Hair & Make Up: HVH Faces
Stationary: Celebrations in Paper
Entertainment: DJ Groove Tech
Photobooth: Luxe Photo Lounge

Malachi and Burke had an intimate wedding at Aviano with their closest family and friends. There were so many things that I loved about this wedding. First and foremost the support of their family. As a same sex couple. It was beautiful to see the elders in their family supportive of their love. Their Toasts were so meaningful. It shows what a long way we have come in understanding and accepting that love is love no matter what.

My second favorite thing was their First Dance… It is incredible!!! They spent so much time practicing it and getting the choreography just right…

Their Feature Film tells the story of their day and their love beautifully!!

Planner // Sip and Twirl

Photographer //

So many of our couples have never hired a videographer before so it can be a bit overwhelming as you shop around. Wedding Videographers all offer pretty much the same options but often times call them different things. I’d like to demystify the terminology for you to help educate you on the process and hopefully make it a bit easier on our couples as they shop around for wedding filmmakers.

Feature Film or Highlight Film

A Feature Film or Highlight Film is a summary of your wedding day. It is all of the major events from your wedding day summarized into a customized story. Serendipity films have lots of audio in them so you can hear what was said and what people were feeling that day. Some companies do more of a music video with limited audio in it. Feature Films or Highlight Films are edited to music.

Documentary Style Film

A Documentary Style Film is a specific part of your wedding day edited in its entirety. For example a Ceremony Documentary Style Film is your entire Ceremony edited from beginning to end. How that is different from a Feature Film is the Feature Film is only going to have snippets from your Ceremony. The Documentary Style Film is your entire Ceremony. Most companies will offer many options for Documentary Style Films including a Ceremony, Documentary Style Film, Toast Documentary Style Film or First Dances Documentary Style Film.

Raw Footage

Raw Footage is all of the footage from the wedding day. But it is unedited, it is Raw.

Interactive Menu

This is how Serendipity delivers a wedding film. It looks like a DVD but it is not the clunky technology that is a DVD. It is a cloud based technology with each film being downloadable and easily able to be shared. It is the new latest and greatest in wedding film delivery technology. DVD’s and USB’s are a dying technology.