My name is Taryn Pollock and I own Simply Cinema AND Serendipity Cinematography, and I love wedding films. I started Serendipity in 2005 and started Simply Cinema in 2009. Between the two concepts we have filmed over 2000 weddings. Simply Cinema started because we wanted to deliver a solid wedding film for couples that wanted more simplified coverage of their day. I like to say that Serendipity is my "Nordstrom" and Simply Cinema is my "Nordstrom Rack". Nordstrom Rack has great style, is a good experience, a fabulous price and is backed by Nordstrom. That is exactly the concept we are going for! We absolutely love weddings, but more than anything we love the story of your day and want to document your love!

& want to document your love!

we love your wedding

our teams in action

-Filmed with 2 Cinematographers
-Filmed in HD
-Include a Feature Film & Documentary Style Films of the most important parts of your day edited in full
-Finished Film delivered to you with an Interactive Menu

Simply Cinema Films are

our teams in action

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simple plus more

8 hours of cinematography
6 minute feature film
3 documentary style film
(ceremony, toasts & first dances)



simple plus

6 hours of cinematography
4 minute feature film
2 documentary style film
(ceremony & toasts)




4 hours of cinematography
3 minute feature film
1 documentary style film



If you don't see what you need here you may like my big sister,

Serendipity Cinematography.

She is for couples that want the bells, the whistles, the fabulousness and think it is worth every dime.

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