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This couples love story is just too cute to not be shared… I am going to give you both of their versions of their first date and you will see just how meant to be this couple is and that not all beginnings are fairy tale beginnings, but make for a fantastic story…

Diliana, The Brides Story…

Zack was already a part of Delta Sigma Pi when I, as a sophomore, decided to apply to join. During the rushing process, I was able to meet Zack and my first thought was, “Hot senior. I definitely have to make it in.”

As a pledge, I was supposed to call and meet the fraternity members during that semester. Zack and I had met up once, meaning he definitely had my number. When I was finally an official member and Zack was allowed to ask me out per fraternity rules, he pretended he had lost my number and asked for it again. I tried giving him 6 out of the 7 digits, but his persistence and charming smile convinced me to give him all 7.

He finally asked me out on a Saturday and invited me to a bar the following Wednesday at 8pm. After I agreed, the conversation died out. Entirely. Zero communication even the day of the date which was four days later. But who was counting? Wednesday at 8pm finally rolled around and I was ready (I know, right? I was actually on time) and hanging out with my roommate. Then 8:10 rolled around. I told her, “this guy has 5 more minutes to show up/text me. By 8:15 I’m moving on.” 8:14 rolled around and I got a text saying, “So, you’re running late.”

No, I wasn’t. Just had no idea how he was going to pick me up if he didn’t know where I lived.

Even though he failed to pick me up, texted me when he was outside instead of knocking, and then even tried to get away with not walking me to my door afterwards, I knew there was something special about this guy and could not get him out of my head all winter break. Little did I know that that attractive senior with rough first date skills would be the man of dreams.

Zack, The Grooms Story…

Diliana ended up rushing the business fraternity that I was already in, so we got the opportunity to interact every now and then until the end of her rush semester, when I was finally able to get her to give me her number. There was a local bar, called Frog & Firkin, and I had to play it cool when I asked her out, so I texted her on a Saturday and said “Let’s do Frog & Firkin Wednesday at 8 pm.” That’s it; it wasn’t a question, and I nailed it. She agreed, and then I didn’t follow up Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I thought I was being cool and playing hard to get. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure she was just annoyed.

I showed up on Wednesday at Frog & Firkin, expecting her to get herself there (like the consummate gentleman I was). I ordered a beer and waited. And waited. Ten minutes went by. Fifteen minutes went by. I’d finished my beer and was astounded that she’d stood me up. Ended up texting her something snarky: “So, you’re running late.” Again, not a question. And when she responded, I knew I was going to marry this girl: “I’m sitting here wondering how you’re going to pick me up if you don’t know my address.”


Vendors: Photographer: Karlee K Photography // DJ: Vox DJ’s // Florist: Milagros Decor