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Mallory and Austin at Paradise Valley Country Club

Mallory and Austin’s spring wedding at Paradise Valley Country Club was a classy affair. With the team at Outstanding Occasions planning and designing your wedding day, you’re sure to have an impeccable day. No detail was left untouched by the ladies at Outstanding Occasions and Sarah’s Garden and the views on property are breathtaking.

How They Met:

Austin and Mallory met at work two years before they started dating. They instantly had a connection, because they were the only two people who went to SMU. Austin’s brown hair and blue eyes did not hurt either Mallory says. Over the years their friendship grew — from break room conversations and quick trips to Subway, to getting help choosing a car when Mallory had totaled hers.

Mallory’s coworker finally pointed out that they thought Austin had a crush on her, and she started noticing something – Every time Austin walked by her office, he would straighten up his posture and puff his chest out. She put in het two-week notice at this company, and Austin was the only one to come up and ask if there was a going away happy hour being planned. It was the day before her last day – and no one had planned anything. A few minutes later, he comes back over and asks her if she wanted to go to the Dallas Stars game with him. This was their first date!

Well, he forgot the small detail that technically she was the third wheel on this said date though, since Austin and his roommate Jason were season ticket holders.  

After that, the rest is history. Mallory says there wasn’t an extraordinary or monumental moment where they realized that this was ‘it’. It was a million little things. 

The Proposal:

Austin and Mallory were going to Arizona for Easter in 2019. She had a slight feeling that this was going to be the weekend, or it was going to be with their friends in Dallas the weekend after.

One night, they were in a group text with Austin, his mom, and Mallory. The next day, Mallory gets a text – and she only reads the first three sentences after realizing it wasn’t supposed to be sent to her. She reads, “Hola, what time are you planning on doing it next Saturday, Dad and I can leave LA at 6am and get there by …..”. At which time she screamed, threw her phone across the office floor and had multiple people come out of their offices wondering what was wrong! Mallory told them, she thinks she just accidentally found out that she is getting engaged next weekend. Mallory said, she’s not going to lie, she totally went and got her nails re-done, a spray tan, and some new clothes! She also never told Austin that she read this text, and played completely clueless. However, Austin must have suspected something because he did a great job at throwing her off.

Mallory’s mom and sister kept talking about the number of people dinner reservations were being made for, and were so relaxed. Mallory even text her coworkers that she didn’t think it was happening that weekend anymore. On Saturday night, they went over to Mallory’s sister’s house for cocktails – and to check out ‘the fence her brother in law just painted’. Mallory didn’t think anything of it – when they got there, her brother in law was the only one ‘ready’, and he offered them some drinks.

She was so excited to see his ‘hard work’ that she said no and busted right into the backyard where her life changed. Out there, she saw balloons set up, rose petals shaped in a heart, and a ring box on a table. Her dog, Tucker, ran up to her and had this big red bow on his collar with a dog tag that said “Will You Marry Me?”. She was in disbelief – they all pulled off a surprise engagement against all odds. Austin then walked her over to the heart, and in the middle of the petals – got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

OF COURSE SHE SAID YES!! Afterwards their families popped out of the back room, where they were hiding and watching and they all celebrated at dinner that night. The funniest part is that Tucker, who never sits still and is a very independent dog, managed to sit and lay down during this whole ordeal – which made the pictures even better and more special. They still have the bow and dog tag displayed in their house. So, although Mallory had a ‘clue’ – she didn’t expect this surprise of a lifetime, and seeing the love of her life on one knee that weekend. 

The Wedding:

Mallory and Austin’s wedding at Paradise Valley Country Club was magical, which is probably no surprise to you after reading their love story. It was destined to be. A black and white affair with touches of silver was the most classic color palette for a very classy couple.

Mallory’s wedding gown was form fitting with a statement should piece that we couldn’t get enough of, and neither could Austin. During their first look his eyes filled with love for his bride to be. The two of them share such a playful, and special love that was such an honor for us to capture.

Ceremony was set on the golf course, with views of Camelback Mountain. White florals and greenery dressed the space. Mallory and Austin said “I do” with 50 of their closest friends and family in attendance and shared the sweetest first kiss. Their reception design was amazing with metallic sequined linens, candles, and classic white floral arrangements for the perfect al fresco dinner. They ended the evening with a fun father-daughter dance, the sweetest toasts, and lots of love and fun moves on the dance floor.

Bride and Groom

Venue: Paradise Valley Country Club
Planning & Design: Rachelle with Outstanding Occasions
Florals: Sarah’s Garden
Stationary: The Paper Place
Photographer: Pinkerton Photo
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Entertainment: Desert House Productions