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Shelby & Austin at The Royal Palms

Shelby & Austin tied the knot at their destination wedding at The Royal Palms in Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re the perfect match. Shelby is sweet, stunning, and loves big. Austin is caring, handsome, and loves with his whole heart. The love these two share with one another is something so special. Andrea Leslie Weddings never disappoints with planning, designing, and executing their weddings and this one was no exception.

How They Met:

Austin and Shelby met in the summer of 2012 when Shelby attended Austin’s college graduation party with a friend. She had no idea who he was and was just tagging along. The same winter they both attended a variety show and reconnected which in turn got them little closer to each other.

Over the years the two remained connected through social media. At that point in their relationship they called one another acquaintances as their lives took them different places with different people over the years.

In the spring of 2019 Austin and Shelby both ended up back in their hometowns, newly single, and reconnected once more. That is when they went on their first date and were inseparable from then after. Within 1 week they had made it “Facebook official”, in under 1 month they were living together, 3 months in they added a fur baby to their lives, and in 6 months Austin and Shelby were engaged! 

The Proposal:

Austin and Shelby took, what she thought was just going to be a weekend trip, to Chicago before she was going to get really busy at work. The two love going to the city as often as they can. Austin had made a big deal though when they were planning the trip that he wanted to do things they had never done before. When they took their trip to the city they normally just hit up all their favorite local places. Austin told Shelby he booked a helicopter tour of the city for the two of them for this trip.

Austin and Shelby got to the helicopter pad, checked in, and waited for our flight. While we were waiting for our flight we took some photos and watched instructional videos. The photographer who took photos of the two of them was actually a photographer Austin hired to capture their proposal, but Shelby still didn’t know this!

While the two were in the air they heard the helicopter company say over their headsets to the captain and them that our photos didn’t turn out and they wanted them to line back up once they landed. Shelby rambled on about how her hair was probably in her face due to all of the wind, still having no idea what was going on.

Shelby and Austin land back on the pad, after a really beautiful ride, and of course that is when Austin got down on one knee and proposed to Shelby! She was in complete shock and literally had no idea! After the proposal Austin had then arranged for them to take some engagement photos with the photographer he had hired. They spent the rest of that night bar hopping in the city, just the two of them, acting like they were the only two people in the world. Shelby tells us it was the best proposal ever!

The Wedding:

Wow, just wow! We are slightly at a loss for words over Shelby and Austin’s wedding. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Shelby’s dress, or should I say dresses? I mean come on, is she not just the most stunning bride you have ever seen!? Austin also looked so good in his white tux! We knew as soon as we arrived we were in for a rad day with this awesome couple.

Shelby and Austin’s intimate Royal Palms wedding was truly to die for. We absolutely loved their ceremony. They had everyone in tears by the end of their vows to one another. Then their reception in the orange grove filled with hundreds of candles, greenery, and touches of pink was the cherry on top. The girls rocked black bridesmaids dresses with the white bouquets while the guys were suited in all black. Their whole day was just stunning.

The two ended the evening with a grand entrance like no other, an outfit change from Shelby, and en epic dance party. We love you two and wish you all the love in the world!

Royal Palms Wedding
Bride and Groom
Reception Details

Venue: The Royal Palms Resort and Spa
Wedding Planner: Katie with Andrea Leslie Weddings
Photographer: Brenna Lee Photography
Videographer: Simply Cinema
Florist: Mint Green Design
Entertainment: Got You Covered
Invitations: Minted