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Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Videographer To Document Your Wedding Day

Only 50% of couples hire a videographer for their wedding day and I am often baffled how in all the years I have been doing this that that statistic hasn’t shifted much… especially with the invention of social media, You Tube and entire shows dedicated to videos on the internet. There is a reason Instagram started allowing 15 second videos, then Stories on their platform and has recently introduced IGTV to feature longer videos and why Facebook years ago allowed embedding of videos and more recently live videos. Video is the reason some people have careers with some You Tubers making millions of dollars now… Video is where its at… Think about what the first thing you look at online is when reading an article or consuming your media. Is it an article?? Or do you watch the video… Yet couples often times still see a wedding film as either a luxury or an item they will add at the end if budget allows. Sadness… Tear… So I am going to give you my very best pitch on why every couple should have a wedding film.

How often do you have every person that you love in one room together…

That moment needs to be documented… The love, the laughter, the emotions. It is one of the happiest days of your life and those around you are there sharing in that celebration. That celebration needs to be documented. Who is apart of your wedding day may not be in your life 10 years from now. Life happens… parents and grandparents get older. You can’t take for granted that those that are at your wedding will be with us forever. Take advantage of this moment to be able to remember it and celebrate it with your family and children you may have one day.

Photos and Video go hand and hand…

Of course you are going to have a Photographer. But a Photographer catches moments, snapshots. What a Wedding Film will give you is the sound from the day, the emotion in real moving moments. They go hand in hand. A Wedding Film allows you to see your wedding day in a totally different medium. We document your day so differently than a Photographer and show you often times totally different moments you didn’t know existed. I have never had someone say that they had too many memories of their wedding day by hiring a Photographer and Videographer.

Video is just easy these days…

With how easy it is to upload and share videos online why would you not have a wedding film?? You can send it to all of your family and friends who attended and to those that didn’t. So more people can share in the memories!!

Wedding Videos are not what they used to be…

Now they are films… Customized stories of your wedding day that are both cinematic and emotional. They are interesting and they draw you in. They are something you will enjoy watching for years to come.

I promise you’ll watch it…

  1. Some people say they will never watch it… I disagree… They watch it at the minimum on their wedding anniversary. But more importantly don’t you just want to have it… just in case… for that day when you do decide to watch it. I wouldn’t want to feel the regret of wishing I had something that I never could do over or get back. That panic would be awful.